10 December 2013





This book blew me away.. It was awesome, it had hot sex and drama...what more can you ask for in a book? 
The book starts with a great background into Ysa and Sebastian's lives before they met each other. Ysa grew up on the wrong side of the tracks a far cry from how Sebastian grew up, she didn't know love, her father or anything nice.. She grew up fast and lea...rned quickly that her body and sex sells. She had abuse and drugs in her face from the time she could remember. At 16 she used her body to get herself out of Tampa to Miami with $100 in her pocket. She met Devon at the first bar she went to to look for job, he quickly went from boss to roommate to best friend. After 2 boring years with the feeling of something missing she literally fell into the arms of madam. Over the next few years she found what she was missing when she became a VIP.

Sebastian grew up knowing love and having whatever he needed. Not only did his parents love him but his best friend Julia and he were inseparable. She was like his right arm, his babygirl. Soon Julia's parents adopted Olivia and that was the day Sebastian's world flip for the first time. He knew he shouldn't but he couldn't help looking at Olivia and finding ways to touch her or be with her, Olivia felt it to.. Soon there were stolen kisses and stolen moments but that's all they would ever be. Knowing the repercussions of their actions would hurt Julia Sebastian had to stop. Then one horrible night his world came crashing down. Three years later he found himself in the arms of Julia, the girl who would always be there for him. She was solid, comforting and a sure thing.. For the next several years his life felt complete, not lacking love or sex in anyway. One client party for selling a yacht and his world flipped again when he saw the same haunting green eyes again, he had to known her he had to talk to her. He soon found out there would be a price for Ysa, not just her but her time too... She wasn't just a VIP , she was THE VIP. 
Finding who she was was easy, staying a away was the hard part. 
If you don't like cheating, abuse, drugs and rape... This is not the book for you... That said if you like drama and love triangles then please go and one click this... You won't regret it!!!

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