28 December 2013

Hard As It Gets 
Laura Kaye


"I want you to remember my voice saying this while you're out there tonight I love you" He stroked her hair and kissed her temple "I could never forget"

 I have wanted to read this one for a while now. When I read the synopsis it captured me.
 This story had it all for me a hot alpha male, sexual tension, great banter and suspense.

 Nick Rixey is total Alpha Male. He is a former Army special ops soldier who is now working with his brother Jeremy at Hard Ink as a tattoo artist. There is a lot that had happened to him a year before that had him released from his service and he cant seem to forgive himself for it.

 Becca Merritt is the daughter of Nicks former Commander. She is searching for her brother who has gone missing, a note leads her to Nick and she is in desperate need of his help.
 There was a great connection between Nick and Becca and Laura was able to write such a great relationship between them. Just enough sexual tension, love and loyalty. Laura also captures you with all the other characters involved. Jeremy (Nicks brother) is hysterical whenever he talks you find yourself smiling. The other soldiers who come into play all find a place in your heart.

 You try to figure out what is happening and why and I was on the edge of my seat to see if Charlie (Beccas brother) will be saved in time. The only down fall I have with this book is its a TO BE CONTINUED... ugh another one I have to wait until March 2014 to find out what happens! UGH other than that I really enjoyed this one.


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