23 December 2013

Sex In The Title

By Zack Love

4 Stars!!!

I have to say I was a little unsure about how to take this book.. it being written by a man and all.. but Zack knocked it out of the proverbial park for me.. it had lots of humor and I found myself laughing out loud at a lot of parts. Not only does this story take place in a time when we weren't as "connected" as we are now but it kinda brings back memories of the time then..
This is the story of 5 men.. Evan is the first one we meet after he is fired via email and dumped by his girlfriend via email as well.. If I was Evan I wouldn't even open my email for awhile. He kinda has a black cloud over him for a while.. 
Next there's Sammy (Heeb) he is a short chubby Jewish guy with little self esteem but a heart of gold. 
There is Trevor a hot black English man who is everything you don't expect him to be, sweet and humble... 
Then there is Carlos ( lucky Chucky)... gorgeous but man are his expectations in left field when it comes to the perfect woman.. 
Then we have Yi Wang (Narc) tall handsome and athletic... he gets the nickname Narc because he loves to try the latest narcotics.. fitting right.. 
All of the men go through ups and downs in their own ways ... There are hysterical moments where I had to cross my legs because I was laughing so hard and there are times when you say... Oh god tell me he's not going to do that.
Over all I recommend this book to anyone who asked me about it.. You should add it on your tbr and one-click it...

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