31 July 2014

Between the Sheets by Molly O'Keefe Blog Tour with Review


July 2014
Boys of Bishop, book #3


Perfect for readers of Susan Mallery and Rachel Gibson, Between the Sheets is Molly O’Keefe’s final book in the Boys of Bishop trilogy, featuring a sizzling romance between a sexy motorcycle bad boy and the girl next door who can’t resist him.

After years of running, Wyatt Svenson has now parked himself in Bishop, Arkansas, trying to do the right thing and parent a son he didn’t even know he had until recently. Over six feet tall and packed with muscles and power, Ty likes to get his hands dirty, fixing his motorcycle at night and keeping his mind away from the mistakes he’s made. Then his pretty neighbor shows up on his driveway, doesn’t bother to introduce herself, and complains about the noise. First impression? She should loosen up. Funny that she turns out to be his son’s elementary school art teacher—and the only one willing to help his troubled boy. Ty needs her. In more ways than one.

Though Shelby Monroe is safe in her structured life, she is drawn to Ty’s bad-boy edge and rugged sexuality. What if she just lets it all go: her worries about her mother, her fear of heartbreak, and her tight self control? What if she grabs Ty and takes a ride on the wild side? “What if” becomes reality—intense, exhilarating . . . and addictive. But Ty wants more than a secret affair. He wants it all with Shelby. But will she take a chance and open her heart? Ty is determined to convince Shelby to take the biggest risk of her life: on him.

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/1jizY2a

Our Review
That is how this book should be labeled.... I was completely thrown off by the cover. Between the Sheets is a gut wrenching, horrible broken past all consuming love book, mixed with some hot sex!

Where should we start this journey, ok let's start with Wyatt, or Ty as he likes to be called, Ty is the new guy the outsider the biker looking guy that no one in this small town of Bishop knows or knows of. He moved here looking for a fresh start not just for him but for his son Casey, of which whom he knew nothing about until 6 months ago. Casey's story is horrible to say the least and he is just as much a main player in this story as his father and Shelby and Evie are. 
Shelby, is used to being the talk of the town or at least the whispers of the town ever since Dean, the Cookie Man, put her sex life out there for all of the world to know. Shelby is also used to people thinking a certain way about her because of her upbringing, her father a minister and her mother his dutiful wife. She was looked at as prim and proper and never really noticed. Well at least not in a good way lately. 

Shelby has horrible secrets in her past just a many and if not worse then Ty but can they together learn to put one foot in front of the other and love each other or will they burn up and fizzle leaving a wake of destruction in each other? 

This book was an awesome page turning read and you should definitely ONE CLICK IT!

Barnes & Noble:  http://bit.ly/SXQ3U1


Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/1jDyO1i

Author Information


Molly O'Keefe is the RITA Award winning author of over 25 books and novellas. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband, two kids and the largest heap of dirty laundry in North America.


30 July 2014

Revive by Nina Levine

Revive by Nina Levine
Book #3 of Storm MC Series
Cover Designer: LM Creations
CJC Photography
Model: Joseph Troisi


He doesn’t do relationships.  Neither does she.  But they can’t fight the attraction any longer…

Nash Walker hides the demons that consume his soul.  He buries them deep and distracts himself with sex.  Anything to avoid facing a past full of heartbreak and regret; anything to numb the pain that he struggles with daily.

Velvet Carr has spent years fighting her demons.  It’s a fight she’s winning.  That is, until Nash crashes his way into her life and into her heart.  

It started out as a bit of harmless fun between friends; it wasn’t meant to get complicated for either of them.  But when two broken souls come together and arouse unwanted feelings in each other, complicated is what happens. 

Can Nash and Velvet help heal each other and revive the love in their lives that they’ve both been refusing to allow in for years?  Or will they let their demons ruin any chance they may have at happiness?

~~~~~OUR REVIEW~~~~~~


Well what can I say, I am left wondering what is going to happen to Storm MC? They are in a pickle and its not looking so good for the club. We have grown to love Scott, J and Blade, but now we fall in love with Nash.

Nash is a complex biker. He of course if your everyday biker, badass but he also is a great flirt and friend. He is broken and has been for the last ten years. He is loyal to his club but even some of his brothers aren't allowed too close. He has been battling with this every day and puts himself through hell. He has built a rock solid wall around his heart and nothing and no one will break through. Until, Velvet.

Velvet has worked as a stripper for the last four years at Indigo a club owned by Storm MC. She has her own battles that she has fought through and found some roots there. She is use to all the a##holes that come in and ogle her, but she finds that Nash looks at her in a different light. They develop a friendship that will survive a lot of ups and downs. She sees that Nash is battling with demons, its obvious when you look in his eyes. Yet, every time she tries to have him open up he shuts her out and leaves her alone.

True friendship will last through all stages of life and you see that the friendship between Nash and Velvet holds strong. That eventually friendship turns to love and two people who were left broken find themselves whole when they are together.

I absolutely loved the passion that Nash and Velvet had with one another and the sex in this book is hot and definitely melts your panties.

Go one click this one today. You too will fall in love with Nash Walker. He is everything you would want in a biker boyfriend.




            I watched Nash as he walked from the bathroom back into the bedroom.  Dressed in nothing but a towel, water still dripping from his hair and down his body, I couldnt take my eyes off him.  Ink covered nearly every patch of skin on his neck, chest, stomach and arms, and I realised I didnt have a clue what the significance was for most of his tattoos.  Unfortunately, we didnt have time to get into that this morning; we had to be at Harlows cafe in just over an hour.  She was testing out some new cake recipes for the cafe and had asked for volunteers to test them.  Nash didnt even have to think about it; hed accepted straight away, and I could never say no to Harlows food.  I made a mental note to ask him about his tattoos tonight.
            You going to stare at me all day, baby, or get ready? Nash asked with a smirk. 
            As he said this, he removed his towel and finished drying himself off.  Of course, my gaze was diverted lower, and I took in everything he had to offer.
            Sucking in a breath, I murmured, I think I could happily skip Harlows food if it meant I got to stare at you all day.
            Desire flashed in his eyes, and he closed the distance between us in two determined strides.  Curling his hand around my neck, he growled, Id eat you over her food any day of the fuckin week.  He pulled me closer and dropped his lips to mine.  Wed had sex twice already this morning, but our need for each other was never fully satisfied, and his kiss told me how much he wanted me again.
            I placed my hands on his chest and gently pushed until his mouth let me go.  Nash, I dont want to let Harlow down.
            Ill make it quick, he promised, his eyes almost begging me to agree.
            My body was screaming hell yes, but I pushed him again, and took a step back.  Theres not enough time; Ive still got to do my hair and face.
            They look fine to me, he said, clearly not wanting to let this go.
            Thats because you only care about my boobs, I said as I walked towards the bathroom.
            And your pussy, babe; I care about that too. 
            My back was to him, but I could feel his eyes on me.  I turned to give him one last look before I went into the bathroom, and sure enough he was staring at my ass.  Tonight, theyre all yours.
            Seriously?  Youre going to say no to this? he asked, his hand pointing at this dick.
            I know its hard for you to believe that any woman could ever say no to that, but yes, Im saying no, I said, teasing him a little. 
            He shook his head in disbelief.  Why the hell did I choose the only woman on this planet who has the ability to knock me back? he grumbled.
            Obviously your brain was doing the thinking that day, rather than your dick, I shot back at him.
            I began applying my makeup, waiting for his comeback, but he didnt say another word.  I could hear him getting dressed so I figured our conversation was over, and I focused on getting ready.
            A couple of minutes later, he appeared in the doorway.  I continued applying makeup, but watched him in the mirror.  He was leaning against the door with his arms folded across his chest.  His eyes were roaming over my body, and electricity shot through me.  I wanted him just as much as he wanted me.
            Nash, you need to leave because if you dont, were never going to make it to Harlows.
            He continued devouring me with his eyes, until finally he pushed off from the door, and made his way to me.  Standing behind me, he gently swept my hair to the side, and bent to kiss my neck.  His hand slid around my waist, and he murmured, Fuck, I could watch you all day, sweet thing.  I dont even need my cock in you to be a happy man, but tonight therell be none of this denying me shit going on.
            My body tingled with lust.  You do realise that I could never fully deny you, baby.  If you really pushed the point, Id be yours in a heartbeat, I admitted.
            I kinda like it when you say no.  It excites the fuck out of me to have to chase you.  But, I appreciate the fact that the word no isnt one that comes out of your sweet mouth very often. 
            Ill be sure to use it every now and then; I like it when you chase me.
            Fuck, he muttered, and straightened.  Taking a step away from me, his eyes found mine in the mirror, and he said, This is going to be the longest fuckin day, babe.  Harlow better appreciate what Im giving up for her.
            I smiled sweetly at him, more to tease him than anything because I knew this kind of smile did him in.  Ill make it worth your while, Nash.
            He raked his hand through his hair.  Ill be fuckin holding you to that, he promised.
            He muttered something else under his breath that I didnt quite catch and then turned and stalked out of the bathroom.  I loved getting him going; it had to be one of my favourite things to do.  The thought of Nash and what hed do to me tonight had me all hot and bothered.  He was right; today really was going to be a long day.


Book #1 Storm: Amazon US I Amazon UK I Amazon CA I Barnes & Noble I KOBO I iBooks
Book #2 Fierce: Amazon US I Amazon UK I Amazon CA I Barnes & Noble I iBooks
Book #2.5 Blaze: Amazon US I Amazon UK I Amazon CA I Barnes & Noble I KOBO I iBooks
Book #3 Revive - Amazon US I Amazon UK I Amazon CA I Barnes & Noble I KOBO I iBooks I Amazon AUS
Book #4 Slay - Pre-Order Now: iTunes


USA Today Bestselling Author Nina Levine, is an Aussie author who writes stories about hot, alpha men and the tough, independent women they love.
When she isn't creating with words, she loves to create with paint and paper. Often though, she can be found curled up with a good book and some chocolate.

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28 July 2014

Eluded by Lyra Parish

Eluded Banner
Title: Eluded
Author: Lyra Parish
Publication Date: July 28, 2014
goodreads ebooki
Lives intersect only to be changed indefinitely...

This isn't your typical girl meets boy.
There isn't a glass slipper or Prince Charming.
I've lived it and now it will be told.
Welcome to my personal hell...

I once saved lives and now... I so easily end them.

Women are drawn to me like a moth to the flame, and like the moth not all of them continue on. Some are broken, others are damaged, and a few never make it out... but it's their decision to live. Only they often don't know that until it's too late.

F*ck the rules, I create my own in a world where I have nothing left to lose. Living is a game, and I'm the reigning champion by being stronger and smarter than my prey.

This is your warning. If you radiate vulnerability... Well, you could be my next victim. Don't try to hide. I'm not easily eluded.

It started with me and now it will end with me.
Some people call me an uncontrollable killing monster. I f*cking laugh at the mention of the word.
Monsters have no control.
I've got plenty.
I don't kill without reason. I don't kill the innocent.
I hunt the ones that deserve it, the real monsters, the ones without regret or a soul.


The dream is always the same. A black van slows ahead of my sister and me as we walk home from school. When we pass, I hear the side door forcefully slide open and the hinges scream out in protest. Two men attack us. They grab us by our arms and their nails claw into our skin, causing it to break. We try to push them away and somehow manage to wriggle free. Then we run. We run like we've never run before, but they are always faster and stronger. When they catch up to us, one grabs my sister, pushes her down to the ground, and laughs. She bites his arm, leaving teeth marks and blood. This does no good though and only pisses him off. Then he slaps her in the face, yells at her, and threatens to kill her . . . but refuses to let go. They are relentless. I want to tell them that she is only ten years old, that she is no good to them, that she isn't even a woman yet, but a hand covers my mouth and an arm places me in a chokehold. My sister lets out blood-curdling cries, and all I know is that I need to save her. I kick my capturer in the knee, and he slams my body, then my head, into the cement until my vision blurs. I know I have a concussion from the brute force, but I continue to attack with everything that I have. No matter how hard I try, they take her. How can a twelve-year-old boy fight against men? He can't. I couldn't. When I think back to that day, I remember what the sky looked like after they pushed me down. It was blue like the color of the sea in Australia. Not often do I remember the sky in London being that color . . . or feeling so helpless. I'm often haunted by the look on my sister's face, and the sound of her screams and pleas as they shoved her into the van. I can still hear the revving of the engine as it hurried down the street like it was yesterday. That was the last time I felt fear. Those men stole more than my best friend and my sister. That day, they stole my soul. This time, I wake up dripping with sweat. Sometimes I am breathing rapidly or yelling, or my heart is racing so fast it pulls me from the nightmare. For the past fifteen years, I've been haunted with the memory of my sister's abduction. I used to blame myself for her having been taken. I no longer accept that burden, and I refuse to sit idly by. The underground darkness of London is at war with itself, and I've caused it. It will not end until the petty fucks that stalk my streets are destroyed. I will stop at nothing. Some people call me an uncontrollable killing monster. I fucking laugh at the mention of the word. Monsters have no control. I've got plenty. I don't kill without reason. I don't kill the innocent. I hunt the ones who deserve it—the real monsters, the ones without remorse or a soul. Sometimes people strive to be different, to step out of the fucking box, only to be misunderstood. The public doesn't understand me, but who really gives a shit? Who are they? Mice. They go to work every single day and spin the same wheel that gets them nowhere. Work. Marriage. Kids. Die. I search for adventure. I love control. When I find trouble, I make it my bitch. Most people call me Abbot. First name isn't needed. I truly believe there is power in a name. My friends respect me, my enemies fear me, and regardless of what I do, at the end of the day I am still a killer. Apparently, that's what defines me. Son, brother, leader of the Gang of London, protector, murderer . . . the only word that matters is the last one. Shakespeare said, "All the world's a stage." If that's true, then where is my standing ovation for a job well done? Twisted fucks like me don't receive positive recognition. We don't deserve to be rewarded for ridding the world of horrible people, because being a murderer outweighs all the good. An eye for an eye, a finger for a finger, or blood for blood. What-the-fuck-ever. I'm not fucked-up from a horrible childhood, unless one counts my sister's abduction. Everyone tries to blame my life choices on my parents' guidance, but my actions are by choice. My mum and dad loved and supported me. They told me I could be anything I wanted when I grew up, until I became what I am today—a cold-hearted killer. No one expected that one.    
About the Author
Words make the world go round. I love to write, travel, and sing really loud at the top of my lungs in the shower. Sweet love stories (along with the dirty ones) make me gush. I am firm believer that a person can never have too many cats or cups of coffee, and that the F word is necessary.

Forget the beach! Give me a gel pen, a stack of blank paper, and beautiful mountains.

You can find Lyra's Weakness series here - https://www.goodreads.com/series/107613-weakness
love 2

Iron Sinners by HJ Bellus

Author: H.J. Bellus
Series: Sinners Never Die, Book 1
Griff, aka Grizz, the ideal Iron Sinner, rides hard and dedicates his all to the club. 

A job needs done…he does it. 
Men idolize him. 
Women love him. 

Never shy and always up for a good time, Grizz finds himself jumping from mattress to mattress and digging grave after grave. You want to take a bullet? Cross the club. 

One night, rival MC, Devil’s Idol, do just that. Grizz and Animal are sent to straighten shit out while leaving no witnesses. What Grizz faces that night changes his life forever… 

Piper Jones is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The ruthless business woman, finds herself captive by the MC club. But she’s not one to go down without a fight. 

She slowly destroys Grizz, from his bad boy persona, to his ride or die motto. He should want nothing more than to do away with her with a single bullet. Instead, he finds himself giving his all just to be with her. 

Will Grizz be able to walk away from the one thing he swore he never wanted?



“Who the fuck do you think you are,” I yell as the large man throws me onto the bed.
“Your worst fucking nightmare, sweetie pie.”
“Just let me go, please.”
“Not happening,” he says as he sits on the bed and begins to untie his boots.
“I didn’t see anything. I don’t know names or places. Let me go. I have a very important meeting in the morning,” I beg.
“Not happening,” he replies again.
“Let. Me. Fucking. Go,” I roar, as I sling the Bible from the nightstand and nail him in the back of the head.
“Listen here, bitch, you’re now property of the Iron Sinners motorcycle club. You ain’t fucking going nowhere without one of us. Got it? You witnessed a fucking crime that could put a fellow brother away for life. You’ve been spotted with us by a rival club. You are now marked as a motherfucking Sinner. You leave our side and the Idols will put a really shiny bullet straight through your skull. You’re a walking, talking dead bitch just waiting to get popped. So shut the fuck up.”
Did I just really hear him he say property of the sinners? Bullet in my head?
“So, you’re telling me I have a ticking death threat that could expire at any given moment?”
The man stands, faces me, baring all of his ink and replies, “And I forgot to add shut the fuck up.”
“Are you fucking kidding me?”
He comes closer in an intimidating stance and bends down so we are face to face. “Does any of this read as if I were kidding you, bitch?”
His minty breath reverberates off my skin and envelops all of my senses. He was the bad guy and I, the victim, but god damn he’s gorgeous.
“Let me fucking go. I don’t care about any of that shit.”
I lunge forward off the bed, catapulting myself into his chest and begin my fight to escape. My surprise assault knocks him off balance and he falls back on the bed. I run for the door. Fuck! My bag. I take three steps back, grab my bag, and run.
Halfway out of the parking lot, I'm brought down by my hair.
“You dumb cunt. What part of my speech didn’t you get?” the man growls in my face.
He rips me up by the hair and drags me back to the room.
“I’m done playing nice. You want to run and piss me the fuck off, then you’re going to be treated like a fucking piece of trash.”


H.J. Bellus

I am just a simple country girl getting one story out of my head at a time. I was raised in small town, USA and still reside there with my husband and children. I am a huge country music fan and am inspired by it everyday. I live and love country life, and you will find those elements in my books. I also adore strong and brave lead female characters, and strive to be a courageous and independent woman in everyday life. In my opinion, life is no fun without a good sense of humor, sprinkles, cheese whiz, and candy. It is the simple things that warm my heart. 
Live life your way, HJ Bellus 

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