19 December 2013

Rumor Has it

Rumor Has It



Wow... this book was fantastic. Seriously I rank this on my top five books of 2013.
Ellie is a normal girl who is trying her hardest to get out of the spotlight. She has been perceived as a slut and a gold digger all over a partial video aired on you tube. She has lost her dream job hasn't been able to catch a break and all she wants is to hide. Then she falls flat on her face in front of the man of her dreams. 
Mason Nash is looking for some peace and quiet. He has been working nonstop for the last five years and just wants a break. He isn't looking for love... love is something he doesn't want at all until he hears a thump coming from his bathroom and finds the beautiful, funny Ellie Wagner. Whats even better is Ellie has no idea that Mason Nash is a famous hip hop artist. 

Will their love last when Ellie is now thrown in front of the cameras again? Will they be able to survive the drama that will come? 
This story honestly had me smiling from page one. I couldn't put this down and read it within two hours. It had it all. Drama, love, sexual tension and sweet banter between Ellie and Mason. There are times this story had me laughing out loud and also times that I had tears in my eyes. This story is awesome I absolutely cant say it enough that this book is fantastic and a A MUST READ. Add this to your TBR list and one click it today.
Thank you Elisabeth Grace for your wonderful work!!! ** HALO

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