03 May 2014

Reconnected by L. Calell Blog Tour

~ Synopsis ~

It has been six months since Katie's past destroyed her future. Reconnecting with her husband Chris is all she really wants but she knows it will never be right after everything that has happened. She is trying to move on and rebuild her life without him. Weekly counselling sessions are helping her come to terms with the emptiness she feels each day. Casey's trial is looming and her anxieties heighten at the thought of seeing him as well as her estranged husband. Katie has to maintain her sanity so she pours herself into her writing. Bringing the trauma of her abusive past to life in her new bestselling book 'Orphan', Katie is thrust into the limelight all over the world. International success means she can no longer escape her own existence. Knowing now where she is, Chris decides to take action and find a way to save their marriage and restore trust. Moving forward can only happen if he understands why it all happened in the first place. There is only one person that can answer his questions but is he prepared for what unfolds the deeper he delves?
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~ About the Author ~

L Calell was born in Ayrshire, Scotland, the youngest of three children. As a child, her appetite for Fiction and Poetry became evident from a very young age.
Now married with two children of her own and recently been through the trauma of turning '40', writing is her new passion.
Disconnected is her first novel of a two-part series - the emotional heart-wrenching story of Katie and her quest for survival. Disconnected takes you through the horrors of her past, the uncertainties she faces day-to-day and her will to feel love with her one constant in her life - Chris. 
Within two weeks of publication, Disconnected hit #21 in Thrillers and #72 in Romance during an Amazon promotion.
More recently Disconnected reached #6 in Kindle and #1 best-seller in Psychological & Suspense and Family Saga.


~ Disconnected ~

Katherine (Katie) Calder is happy, or is she? Married to a patient, loving and handsome lawyer who has been her life for 6 years – Chris. He wants nothing more than a 'normal' happy family life - will being with Katie ever give him that? Katie does not know how to love him or anyone but she knows she could not be without him. She has detached from life, from love, from any true emotion yet Chris continues to love her unconditionally wishing for the day she will declare her love and even cry for the first time since he has known her.

Katie's mother - Jill Williams is desperately trying to rebuild a relationship with her daughter who has been missing from her life for six years for reasons she has never understood. Bringing Gerry back into Katie's life was not the answer. Gerry brought back the horror of her 'missing years' causing her distress, misery and even blackouts. Why, what had Gerry done? What had happened in those two years when she had been missing that could cause this pain and anguish and if they found out would they feel the same about her? Katie didn't think so, she had to protect them against the truth and she had to face her past - but at what cost?

Disconnected is an intense, emotional journey that will have you smiling one minute and then feeling hurt and pain the next. You want it to work out, you want the happy ending - but then life is never that straightforward, this book will leave you with a void, this book will leave you disconnected!
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