12 April 2014

Captured Heart by Savanna Grey Blog Tour

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Title: Captured Heart
Series: Garrett's Point
Author: Savanna Grey
Release Date: 4/12/14
Genre: Romance, Contemporary


Hometown girl Emma Heart is the sweet, loyal hometown girl that everybody loves. Born and raised in Garrett’s Point, there isn’t anywhere else she would rather be. Even after college, she came back to her small town to teach Kindergarten. Always the eternal optimist, all is right with the world until it all comes crashing down around her. Tragedy strikes rocking her strong foundation of faith and has her coming to the aide of her best friend’s seven-year-old daughter. On the fast track Jack Denton is on the fast track to partner in his Richmond, VA law firm. Working non-stop, he has no time for anything else but case files. Relationships are not a part of his vocabulary. He has acquaintances that he occasionally wines and dines with the mutual understanding the end result is meant for nothing more than mere shared pleasure between two consenting adults. His orderly, fast-paced life comes to an abrupt halt at the untimely death of his sister and her husband, leaving him as the guardian of his seven-year-old niece, Olivia. At a crossroad Intending to retrieve his niece, list his sister’s house and hire a nanny – all in a week’s time – Jack finds the tasks much more daunting than he imagined. His own grief is nothing compared to that of his niece, and with no experience on how to handle either, Jack takes the hand extended by Emma to help Olivia adjust and prepare for the move to Richmond. Garrett’s Point begins to pull Jack in as the citizens come together to support their own in a time of need. Jack doesn’t even know who his neighbors are back in Richmond. Apparently in Garrett’s Point, everybody knows your name. With assistance from the lovely kindergarten teacher, Jack learns to open his heart and let Olivia in. The problem is Emma has found a place in his heart as well. More and more Jack is finding the thought of leaving Emma not so pleasant, but he has a career plan he cannot put on hold for much longer, or he risks losing everything he has worked so hard for. As time runs out, will Jack choose the path up the corporate ladder, or will he listen to his captured heart and choose love? Emma knows he will never be happy in a small town and sacrifices her own feelings for the happiness of his. Jack will have his work cut out for him if he intends to capture Heart. Captured Heart Teaser 4

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A great love story

When dealing with such tragedy,  you never would expect to find the love of your life. Yet, for Emma and Jack that is exactly what happens.
After coming to watch her best friends daughter Olivia for a week and hugging her best friend goodbye she never expected that that was the last time she would ever see  or speak to her again.
Now, Emma finds that she is a joint guardian for Olivia as well as her best friends brother Jack.
Oh,  Jack Denton is just scrumptious.  He is of course good looking, well mannered attorney that lives to work. His career is everything to him and when he finds himself in a small town, dealing with his sisters death his world drastically changes. He falls completely head over heels in love with his sisters best friends Emma.
Is the love they feel for one another real? Or are they just comforting each other due to the loss they both feel? Can Jack change?
Savanna honestly had me in tears throughout this story. It is truly a wonderful story of love and healing and it has you rooting for a happy ending. You feel the struggle they both are dealing with as well as the loss that Olivia has had.
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“Shhh, Emma. What a selfish bastard I’ve been, huh? You’ve shouldered all of this responsibility primarily on your own while I’ve been a bystander. I’m so sorry. I didn’t intentionally let that happen. It just did, but I didn’t do anything to step in. It was easier to let you handle it.” He placed his hand under her chin and tilted her face upward so she had to look him in the eye.
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Wife and mother of three daughters and one son, life is never dull. I fell in love with the written word as a young girl. My enchantment with the act of falling in love was cemented after reading Pride and Prejudice in the 10th grade. I love being able to crawl inside a book as if I am a bystander watching it all unfold live. Now that's a good book! My desire is to share my fictional friends with you so that they become your friends too! When you read my books, if you don't end it by saying "Best Imaginary Friends EVER!" then I haven't done what I set out to do. Savanna Grey

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  3. I would love to read Captured Heart because I love romances and this looks like my kind of book!