18 January 2014

Layers Peeled Blitz

Layers Peeled by Lacey Silks 
(Layers Trilogy #2) 
Publication date: January 13th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica, Romance

Allie is about to knock the wind out of Tristan with the biggest news of her life.
Tristan has a few surprises for Allie as well.
While the couple tries to deal with their predicament, ghosts from Allie’s past haunt her, slowly calculating the timing of their return.
Can Allie and Tristan peel away their protective layers? Fate has stacked a threat against them and if they don’t work together, trusting and sharing information, it may be too late.
Layers Peeled is Book 2 in the Layers Trilogy and should be only read after Layers Deep. Contains adult content and graphic language suitable  for mature audience.

Layers Peeled by Lacey Silks

Excerpt 1:
I closed my eyes. I’d missed the dance of Tristan’s lips on my body. The three weeks without his touch felt like forever. I couldn’t even remember the last time we’d had sex, and part of me began feeling like a virgin again. His hot breath still at my belly grazed upward, meandering through the valley of my breasts as he stood to face me. My bottom pressed against the sink as I braced my entire weight there.
A button popped open on my tightening shirt. My breasts had grown the last few weeks, and most of my wardrobe seemed to be shrinking in the chest area.
“I missed you,” he said.
Another button loosened and Tristan kissed my neck. I leaned my head to the side, allowing him greater access, and whispered, “I missed you too.”
Tugging on his shirt, I yanked it out of his pants. “You have no idea how much I want you.”
“I can imagine.” Tristan nibbled on my ear and swept along my chin toward my mouth. He spread my lips with a longing that had been denied for too long. The delicious scar on his upper lip rippled against my mouth, his tongue controlling me like it wanted to learn the shape of my lips all over again. I moaned into him and his response hardened in his pants.
By this time I was done with his buttons, and I smoothed my hands along his naked chest. Somehow we’d been walking and ended up by his desk again. I didn’t remember the details. All that mattered was that my skin was connected with his. His hands were all over me, exploring, tracing, fumbling with my bra until I felt my breasts loosen.
“And I missed these as well,” he said against my mouth, while molding the twins, one in each hand.
My hands roamed his chest and stomach. I couldn’t decide where to touch next, and I wanted to feel him, all of him, all at once. Oh, how I’d missed the field of muscles on his abs! I slid my palms over his lean torso. The white scar over his heart, where Kendra had stabbed him, rippled under my fingers. For the first time Tristan didn’t flinch. He let me caress and smooth over the healed wound, all the while exploring my mouth. The kiss became more fevered and so did my response. I didn’t recognize the desire burning inside me. I had never felt this needy. I mean, I’d always wanted him, and the sex held the gold medal in awesomeness, but this greed aching in my nipples and between my legs was definitely something new.
I craved Tristan’s whole body as if it was on the menu as my last meal. His erection poked against my belly. I wanted him inside me, yearning to feel his stretch and warmth. The painful longing begging me to part my legs and let Tristan do as he pleased pounded in a sweet tantalizing rhythm.
The phone rang. He pulled away from my mouth and pressed the intercom button, saying, “I’m not in for the rest of the day.” Tristan didn’t wait for whoever called to reply, but just hung up. Another click, and the lock on his double door twisted and blinds lowered over the windows.

Excerpt 2:
Tristan’s soft steps of naked feet on a wooden surface approached. Every step I heard spiked my heart rate. I felt my nipples harden and the tight excitement surge deep into my belly so I dimmed the lights and leaned against the kitchen island, ready to serve my man.
“You’re up to something.” Tristan strolled toward me. The look on his face when he saw me scooping chocolate ice cream into two bowls said it all. He had ripped the apron off me in his mind the moment he saw me.
The sun had set and Tristan had just taken a shower, getting ready for bed. I’d left him a note on the nightstand asking him to join me for a late snack. And now he was probably wondering whether the snack was the ice cream or me.
Seeing him there, in nothing else but his silky pajama bottoms that hung just below his hips, shot an urge of desperation to my groin. The exposed triangle leading down to his waistband looked more appetizing than the dessert I’d prepared. It would take every little ounce of restraint I hoped I had to resist him. I had to tempt him first. Hook Tristan and reel him in slowly with the most delicious bait I could imagine: myself. I’d only spent a few seconds ogling him and already couldn’t wait to feel him between my legs. I wondered whether I’d end up begging him to ease my deepening ache before I got a chance to ask him the favor.
“Why would you say that?” I fluttered my lashes in innocence.
“Because you look like a temptress from hell in that outfit.”
“Is that a way to talk to the mother of your unborn child?” I turned around to put the tub of ice cream back in the freezer, bending over to give him a full view of my exposed backside, and then leaned a bit more forward for good measure. If he could only get a look at my wet slit I was sure he’d be gone. The quick inhale I heard confirmed my suspicions: he wouldn’t be able to resist me for long.
“Are you trying to seduce me, Ms. Green?” he asked, as if I were Mrs. Robinson.
“Is it working?”
“Hell yeah. Come here.”
“Not so fast, Mr. Cross,” I stood up and turned around, taking away his view of my ass. “The ice cream will melt.” I lifted the spoon to my mouth, licking it clean, sucking on it harder than needed. That little pulse underneath Tristan’s bottoms began distracting me. The curve became more defined with my every taunt, and he would soon run out of space under there.
“The only thing that will melt tonight is you underneath me.”
I pretended to pay no attention to him, even if my juices were ready to welcome his fingers, tongue, and cock; not all at once, of course. I opened the fridge and reached for the whipped cream. Shaking the can in a motion that inspired another flex under his pants, I pointed the nozzle down and swirled an artful mass on top of the ice cream. Once done I lifted the creamed tip to my lips and licked the excess off.
Tristan growled.“You’re a bad girl.”
“Thank you for the compliment. Cherry?” I centered a single fully ripe fruit on top of the cream, and then took an extra one between my teeth and bit it with my mouth open. The crunch echoed in the kitchen. A drop of juice collected in the corner of my mouth but I didn’t lick it away. Instead I braced my backside against the cupboard, thankful I missed the stainless steel dishwasher. I wouldn’t want my butt print on the appliance. The coolness of the door against my heated skin felt welcome. I leaned my elbows on the counter as casually as possible, which made the curves of my breasts spill further out the sides of my apron.
Tristan took another step toward me, his intention clear from the way he moved; in fact, he was now fully tenting out from underneath his pajamas. He didn’t bother to wipe the cherry juice off my mouth as I’d expected. Instead, he lowered his mouth to mine and licked it right off. The gesture sent an army of flavorful tingles through my whole body. How in the world would I be able to keep this up? I was beginning to doubt my ability to sway him the way I’d planned, because now all I wanted to do was spread my legs for him and welcome him in with a bang or two.
But Tristan had more strength for a man in need than I expected. “The cherry tastes scrumptious, but I can think of an even more delicious one.” His hand slid under the apron. For a moment I thought he’d reach right for my cherry, but he slid his palm along my hip to the back, squeezing between me and the counter, and untied the apron.
“Wouldn’t want the ice cream to drip on your beautiful apron,” he teased.
My heart pounded and my breathing stilled. The innocent touch of his fingers was like magic.
He reached up to my neck and unfastened the ties there as well. The fabric dropped to the floor and I stood in front of him, naked and hot and at his mercy. He braced his hands on the counter, one at each side of my hips. His rigid cock poked my belly through the fabric, and I felt my knees soften.
“I will ask again, and only once. What is it that I can do for you, Allie?”
Truthfully, my whole plan had just gone up in flames. I had set the flicker when I prepared for this evening, but Tristan had added gasoline the moment he stepped into the kitchen. The burning effect dripped on the inside of my leg. What was it that I wanted to ask him? Why the charade?
“Make love to me,” I said.
“Tsk, tsk, tsk.” He shook his head sideways. “We make love in bed. The kitchen and anything outside the bedroom are meant for fucking.” Tristan’s hand slid to the side of the counter. My gaze followed the talented fingers I so badly needed inside me. He lifted a spoonful of melting ice cream to his mouth, saying, “Good, rough, merciless fucking.”

Excerpt 3:
“You sneak off downstairs too quickly, Allie. Are you all right?”
No! But I didn’t want to worry Tristan, not before his cousin’s wedding.
“Well, we can’t really have sex every hour.” I rolled my eyes, acutely aware I was teasing him because nothing would make me happier than staying in bed with Tristan Cross all day long. Sex with him was always earth-shattering. Our connection and mutual rhythm never ceased to amaze me.
“Says who? I could make it my priority to have you every hour. Like right now sounds good.”
Judging from the hungry look on his face, he was serious, too!
“It’s too cold.”
“I bet I can get your heart rate going just like that.” He snapped his fingers.
By the way my body was reacting to his unbelievable invitation, I knew he’d win. That earlier swirl in my tummy was beginning to turn at the speed of an ocean whirlpool, sucking all my hormones down to between my legs.
“Is that a challenge Mr. Cross?” I got off the toboggan and Tristan’s weight tipped him over into the snow.
He sat in the white puff still serious while I laughed.
“If it gets you to lower your pants, hell yeah.”
“You can’t mean it...” I held onto my tummy instead of paying attention to his swift move. In one pounce Tristan had me in his arms, merging his lips with mine, insisting that I comply with his craving. And how could I resist those warm lips and his persistent tongue? I could still smell the remnants of his morning aftershave mixed with that intoxicating cologne of Tristan. I weaved my fingers into his hair, pressing his head to mine. I couldn’t get enough of him. Every breath felt sharper and wanton. Every nerve awakened with a need to be stirred and satisfied. And within seconds Tristan managed to turn this snowy day into a paradise. With my eyes closed and Tristan’s body melting into mine, I imagined us on the hottest beach – because admitting snow lay at our feet would be a lie. His hands were all over my body, searching for an entrance from underneath the layers of clothing.
My back pressed against the tree. The rough bark dented into my ass, and for a moment I wished I’d worn thicker pants. Tristan pinned me and gripped my engorged breasts in his palms, molding them hard enough that I felt my tight nipples peak even higher in search of his touch.
The sound of a zipper danced through the air. I didn’t care whether it was his or mine, because the second one followed like an arousing echo.
“Turn around,” he asked.

I complied, bracing my hands on the tree as Tristan lowered my pants.


Lacey is an Author of Erotic Romance. Her stories come from her life, dreams and fantasies. She’s a happily married wife with two kids. Lacey likes to make her readers blush and experience the story as if they were the characters. Drawing on the reader’s most sensitive emotions through realistic stories satisfies her more than… …ok not really, but you get the point;) She likes a pinkish shade on a woman’s cheeks, men with large feet and sexy lingerie-especially when it’s torn off the body. Her favorite piece of clothing is a ‘birthday suit’.


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